John Doyle's Family Pictures - 1990s

Kelly's wedding to Don Whitworth. Cutting the cake pose. November 1992
Brian and John, with flowergirl Georgie and Kelly, at Kelly's wedding to Don Whitworth. November 1992
Kelly and Don's wedding: Brian's sons Sean and Chris with Kelly and Don. November 1992.
Veronica Beecroft (friend of John's) in 1996. Pictured in the kitchen at the Alum Springs house in Lexington.
Gavin Doyle and Katie Marlow wrote and directed a play "Gardens" as seniors at Rockbridge County High School. Gavin designed the play poster shown.
Georgie on the back deck at Alum Springs Rd.
Georgie in a ballet pose.
Georgie with the sunflowers in the back garden at Alum Springs Rd. Summer of 1996.
Jim standing behind Kitty. Sitting next to Kitty is Linda (the daughter of Kitty's sister Rita). Behind Linda is Vickie (Linda's daughter) and Linda's grandson is on her lap. (1996)
Gavin in 1996, a rustic appearance.
John, Gavin, Greta, and Veronica's dog Sophie in late 1996, on the front steps of the Alum Springs house.
Three sisters, Jo, Kitty and Rita, in 1997.
John's trip to Australia, Nov/Dec 1997. Pictured are John, Brian (standing), and Kelly at a barbecue at Brian's house in Leonay.
John's trip to Australia, Nov/Dec 1997. Chris Doyle (Brian's son) and his grandmother Kitty at a barbecue at Brian's house.
John's trip to Australia, Nov/Dec 1997. Lee and Brian at a barbecue at Brian's house.
John's trip to Australia, Nov/Dec 1997. Matt and Kelly at Jim and Kitty's house.
John's trip to Australia, Nov/Dec 1997. Margaret Doyle, pictured at Circular Quay in Sydney.
Greta in her prom dress (May 1998), and her dad on the back deck of the Alum Springs Rd house.
John Doyle, May 1998.
Greta, high school graduation picture, June 1998.
John and daughter Georgie in 1998.
Georgie in late 1998, age 14 (going on 15).
Georgie's dance troupe (March 1999). Georgie is in red, second from the right.
Maere and Georgie posing for Lexington School of Dance studio portraits, (March 1999). Georgie is on the right.
Georgie and her father, May 1st, 1999, at Washington and Lee University's 250th Celebration.
Gavin's graduation from Roanoke College on May 8th, 1999. For more pictures click here
Mary, friend of John's, July 20, 1999.
Four generations. Florencetta, her daughter Mary, her daughter Anji, and her daughter Taylor, July 1999.
Mary and her granddaughter Taylor, July 1999.
Kelly Doyle gave birth to baby Alexander on Saturday August 28th, 1999 at 11:27am in Blacktown (near Sydney, Australia).
Alex weighed 9lbs 1-1/2oz (4120 grams). The father is Matthew Thompson.

Pamela Baker (John's ex-wife).
Linda Mayo (daughter of Eddie and Rita). She is approx. 50, around 1999.
View through John's Law School Library office window. Picture taken on December 10, 1999.
December 27th 1999, Mary and John, at Mary's house.

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