Gavin DOYLE 1977-

picture Gavin, born 25th August 1977, obviously an early picture.
picture Gavin and Greta, January 1981.
picture August 1985, Gavin (age 8), Georgie (18 months), Greta (5-1/2).
picture August 1985, Pamela Doyle and children Gavin, Georgie and Greta.
picture Greta, Gavin and Georgie (on Gavin's back) and the 1986 Sprint that Georgie called the 'dinky var'.
picture Gavin and Greta displaying their art work on Georgie's back.
picture John Doyle and Glen Furr coaches for soccer team. Gavin in front-row second from right. Fall 1988.
picture Greta, Georgie and Gavin on Washington and Lee University campus bench, July 1986.
picture Gavin in 1996, a rustic appearance.
picture John, Gavin, Greta, and Veronica's dog Sophie in late 1996, on the front steps of the Alum Springs house.
picture Gavin at his Roanoke College graduation on May 8, 1999. Looking happy with himself, after just receiving his diploma.
pictures Various pictures of Gavin's Roanoke College Graduation, May 8th, 1999.
pictures Various pictures of Gavin and Julie's wedding July 30, 2005.