Katherine Mary DOYLE (nee DONOGHUE) 1928-2007

picture School picture in 1937. Kitty is third from the left in the middle row.
picture Kitty and Rita, in the middle is Kit (who married Fred) their mother Mary's sister. Kitty is about 18, around 1946.
picture Kitty and Rita, with an unknown man.
picture Kitty at the sanitarium in 1948.
picture Katherine (Kitty) O'Donoghue and James (Jim) Doyle, both living in Cavendish Drive, Leyton, London, were married at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Leyton, Saturday October 8, 1949. Newspaper report of wedding.
picture Baby John and mother Kitty in the summer of 1951 in Youghal.
picture John with mother Kitty and her sister-in-law Mary Kate in the summer of 1951.
picture People who lived on St. John's Rd., Walthamstow (June 1953, Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II). Kitty Doyle in front (the pretty one), Mrs Wise (opposite side of the table from Kitty) lived next door to Hannah's (where Kitty and Jim lived) and baby-sat for John (later looked after John when Kitty was in the hospital giving birth to Brian).
picture Kitty and Jim in the grass.
picture Jim and Kitty in front of the Walthamstow town hall.
picture Kitty with Brian and John in the back garden of Crossfield Rd., at the time of John's first communion.
picture Kitty, looking glamorous, showing her legs. Pictured in Youghal.
picture Mary O'Donoghue with her daughters Rita and Kitty, and Eddie (Rita's husband). And toward the front are Mary's grandchildren, John and Brian (Kitty's boys) and Isobel (Josephine's eldest daughter). Approximately 1961.
picture Brian, Kitty and John outside Flack Avenue flat in 1966 (Sydney).
picture Kitty on balcony of Flack Ave. flat, John is to the right.
picture Sean Doyle on Kitty's lap with Jim Doyle at Sean's christening.
picture In the back row are Eddie (Rita's husband), Georgie's second wife Bridie, and Georgie O'Donoghue. In the center are Pauline's Sean on the left, Mary, Jo, Rita and Pauline. In the front are Kitty, Georgie's Karen, Pauline's husband Gerald, and Kelly. Approximately 1979.
picture Jim standing behind Kitty. Sitting next to Kitty is Linda (the daughter of Kitty's sister Rita). Behind Linda is Vickie (Linda's daughter) and Linda's grandson is on her lap. (1996)
picture Three sisters, Jo, Kitty and Rita, in 1997.
picture John's trip to Australia, Nov/Dec 1997. Chris Doyle (Brian's son) and his grandmother Kitty at a barbecue at Brian's house.
picture John (in the center) with his mother and father are pictured at the "Big Banana" plantation at Coffs Harbour in northern N.S.W. (John and Mary's trip to Australia, June 2000)
picture John with his parents at Watson's Bay. Downtown Sydney is seen in the distance (John and Mary's trip to Australia, June 2000)