Josephine's Family

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Mary O'Donoghue with her daughters Rita and Kitty, and Eddie (Rita's husband). And toward the front are Mary's grandchildren, John and Brian (Kitty's boys) and Isobel (Josephine's eldest daughter). Approximately 1961.
In the back row are Eddie (Rita's husband), Georgie's wife Bridie, and Georgie O'Donoghue.
In the center are Pauline's Sean on the left, Mary, Jo, Rita and Pauline.
In the front are Kitty, Georgie's Karen, Pauline's husband Gerald, and Kelly.
Approximately 1974.

Rita, George, Josephine and Pauline. At Pauline's son Sean's wedding.
Oonagh, 28th July, 1985.
Josephine and her daughter Siobhan's daughter Laurie, in October 1985.
Siobhan and her son Sean, November 1985.
Ken in 1995.
Josephine, in between mouthfuls, in 1997. Pictured at Oonagh's house, at the time of Kitty's visit from Australia.
Sally (drinking) Kitty standing behind Isobel, in 1997. Pictured in Oonagh's house.
Jo, Kitty and Rita in 1997.
Spring 2000. Siobhan's house in Northampton, around the corner from Jo's house.
Spring 2000, outside Jo's house. Sally's Chris on the left, Oonagh's David, Isobel's Kitty and Oonagh.
Spring 2000, in Jo's front garden. Sally's Chris and Isobel's Kitty.
Spring 2000. Siobhan in Jo's front garden.
Spring 2000. Kitty (age 15) in Jo's front garden.
Spring 2000. Oonagh with her dog Bella.
Jo's daughter Sally (2000).
Jo's daughter Siobhan (2000).
Summer 2000. Siobhan in Jo's garden. This and the following pictures are a series showing the progress in removing the grass from Jo's front garden and replacing it with gravel.
Summer 2000. Siobhan and Oonagh's husband Terry Hollowell.
Summer 2000. Siobhan and spade. Sally looking on.
Summer 2000. Sally's husband Richard, Sally, Oonagh and Siobhan.
Summer 2000. Sally and Siobhan.
Summer 2000. Oonagh resting on the hoe.
Summer 2000. Jo's house with front garden completed.

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