Husband Bartholomew MANGAN
Known asSonny
BornFebruary 18, 1898Youghal (Civ reg births index: Bartholomew Mangan, Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1898, Registration district: Youghal, Volume: 4, Page: 706--Group Registration ID 11375013 *get copy*)(Source for month/day is baptismal record.)
BaptisedFebruary 20, 1898Youghal (Date of Birth: 18-Feb-1898; Date of Baptism: 18-Feb-1898; Address: Penders Lane Parish / District: YOUGHAL; Gender: Male; County: Co. Cork; Denomination: Roman Catholic; Father: John Mangan; Mother: Mary Murphy; Occupation: ; Sponsors: John Fitzgerald and Ellen Carroll; Notes: CELEB: J.FIELD C.C.; [MARRIED 31 JUNE 1920] WRITTEN AFTER ENTRY. 33/20 ON REG. 6. See record)
MarriedJanuary 31, 1920Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index: Bartholomew Mangan and Margaret Christina O'Connell, Jan-Mar 1920, Youghal, v.4, p.535--Date of Event 31 January 1920, Group Registration ID 1146317)[Note that transcription of annotation to Margaret Christina's baptismal record says that her marriage occurred on 31 November 1920]
DiedApril 16, 1953 
BuriedYoughal cemetery 
FatherJohn MANGAN
MotherMary MURPHY
Josie, Bartholomew's daughter, said that at the time of her father's death he had been working on the strand walls. At low tide working on the walls and having to leave the project during high tides. Her father was taken to Cork suffering from appendicitis and died of a ruptured appendix, though Josie thought he had really died from cancer.
Wife Margaret Christina O'CONNELL
Born1897Youghal (Civ reg births index: Margaret Christina Connell, Date of Registration: Oct-Dec 1897, Registration district: Youghal, Volume: 4, Page: 680)(Church Baptism Record: Margaret Christine Connell: Date of Birth: 14-Nov-1897; Date of Baptism: 18-Nov-1897; Address: Tallow Street; Parish: Youghal; Father Thomas Connell; Mother Honora Leamy; Sponsors: Stephen Leamy and Bridget Rea. CELEB: [T. BOWLER C.C.] CHILDS NAME SPELT [MARGARET CHRISTINA] MOTHERS PET NAME: [NORA]. MARRIED [31/11/20]. 32/3 ON REG. 6. See record)
DiedApril 11, 1960
BuriedYoughal cemetery 
Notes Ireland 1911 Census record for Margaret O'Connell is with the family of Thomas and Nora O'Connell at 3 Penders Lane, Youghal. All of their children were born in Youghal and Maggie is age 12 at the 1911 Census. Her parents are Thomas O'Connell, 45, and Nora (nee Leamy), 40, who were married in Youghal in 1886.
1 Thomas MANGAN
BornJuly 2, 1920Youghal (Civ reg births index: Thomas Mangan, Date of Birth 2 July 1920, Group Registration ID 1750651, District: Youghal, Sex Male, Mother's Birth Surname: O CONNELL)
Died1920 or 1921Youghal (Civ reg deaths index: Thomas Mangan, Year of Death 1921, District: Youghal, Deceased Age at Death: not recorded, Jan-Mar 1921, Volume 4, Page 541)
Known asJack
BornJuly 4, 1922Youghal (Civ reg births index: John Mangan, Date of Registration: Jul-Sep 1922, district: Youghal, v.4, p.535--Date of Birth 4 July 1922, Group Registration ID 1844319, District: Youghal, Sex Male, Mother's Birth Surname: CONNELL)
NotesJack lived in London. He had a daughter from his first Marriage, and another daughter, Patricia (probable England Birth Index: Patricia Mangan, Mother's Maiden Surname: Rawlins, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1958, district: West Ham, Greater London, Middlesex, v.5a, p.767), from his second marriage. Picture
BornJanuary 3, 1924Youghal (Mary Mangan, Date of Birth 3 January 1924, Group Registration ID, 1949152, District: Youghal, Sex Female, Mother's Birth Surname: O CONNELL)
Died1924Youghal (Civ reg deaths index: Mary Mangan, Year of Death 1924, Group Registration ID 1950197, District: Youghal, Deceased Age at Death: 0 *get copy*)
4 Thomas MANGAN
Known asTommy
BornDecember 3, 1924Youghal (Civ reg births index: Thomas Mangan, Date of Birth 3 December 1924, Group Registration ID 2133773, District: Youghal, Sex Male, Mother's Birth Surname: O CONNELL)
DiedMay 25, 1992
NotesHeadstone of Bartholomew and Margaret in Youghal cemetery includes: "Their son Thomas died 25 May 1992".
BornDecember 26, 1925Youghal (Mary Mangan, Date of Birth 26 December 1925, Group Registration ID 2073261, District: Youghal, Sex Female, Mother's Birth Surname: O CONNELL)
Died1926?(probable Civ reg deaths index: Mary Mangan, Year of Death 1926, Group Registration ID, 2283483, District: Youghal, Deceased Age at Death: 0 *get copy*)
6 Kathleen MANGAN
Known asKitty
BornJuly 7, 1927Youghal (Kathleen Mangan, Date of Birth 7 July 1927, Group Registration ID 2281938, District: Youghal, Sex Female, Mother's Birth Surname: O CONNELL)
MarriedApril 28, 1949Youghal (Civ reg marriages index: Kathleen Mangan and Denis Joyce, Date of Event 28 April 1949, Group Registration ID 1010278, District: Youghal)
DiedJune 10, 2010Youghal
NotesLived on Cork Hill in Youghal. She was married to Denis Joyce who was mostly known as Din or Dinny.
Death notice in Youghal News, Vol. 7 Issue 16 June 24th 2010
This week we also extend our deepest sympathy to the Mangan family Youghal on the death of Kitty Joyce [nee Mangan] a lady dearly loved and greatly respected in her native town. Predeceased by her husband Denis, Kitty's death occurred on Thursday June 10th she is survived by her brothers Sonny, Paddy and Petie, her sisters Josie and May and a wide circle of relatives friends and neighbours to all of whom we extend our deepest sympathy. Reposing at Egan's funeral home her removal took place on Friday evening to St Mary's Parish Church and following requiem mass on Saturday Kitty was laid to rest in the North Abbey Cemetery. Ar dheis De go raibh a hanam dilis.
7 Stephen MANGAN
Known asStevie
Born1929Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index Jul-Sep 1929 *get copy*)
Died1986(probable Civ reg deaths index: Stephen Mangan, Year of Death: 1986, Group Registration ID 1162237, District: Cork, Deceased Age at Death 56, Civil Status Married *get copy*)
BuriedYoughal Cemetery 
NotesMarried a CRONIN. Headstone in Youghal cemetery says "Stephen (Stevie) Mangan, Born 1929 died 1986"
8 Bartholomew MANGAN
Known asSonny
Born1932Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index Jan-Mar 1932)
Married1956Youghal (Civ reg marriages index: Alice Flavin and Bartholomew Mangan, Date of Event 5 January 1956, Group Registration ID 938306, District: Youghal)
DiedMay 6, 2012Youghal (Death Notice: On May 6th 2012. Sadly missed by his loving wife Alice and family, Michael, Bernard, Margaret, Paul, Anne, Alison, Alan and Valerie, brothers, sisters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, great grandchildren, relatives, neighbours and friends. Rest in Peace. Removal from Egan's Funeral Home on Tuesday at 7.30pm, to St. Mary's Church Youghal. Mass on Wednesday at 12 noon with burial afterwards in North Abbey Cemetery.)
Notes Fr. Donal Hussey, in his contribution to Mike Hackett's "Sars", says that, "one of the saintliest men in my memory is Sonny Mangan of Dominic Collins Place. Sonny, of course, was the milkman, and he collected the weekly dues every Saturday. He knew in his heart that many families could not always afford to pay every single week, including my own family, and he would always bypass your house until he knew there had been a slight change in fortune. He never once stopped delivering milk due to lack of payment. Yet, when my mother asked Sonny to bring us up to Cork, to visit my father and brother in hospital, on a Sunday afternoon, Sonny (and Stevie also) always obliged, with or without payment. Sonny did these things anonymously and humbly."
9 Norah MANGAN
Born1934Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index Jul-Sep 1934)
MarriedAugust 7, 1956Youghal (Civ reg marriages index: John Whelan and Norah Mangan, Date of Event 7 August 1956, Group Registration ID 775357, District: Youghal)
DiedJune 8, 1980
NotesHeadstone of Bartholomew and Margaret in Youghal cemetery includes: "Their daughter Norah Whelan died 8 June 1980".
10 Josephine MANGAN
Known asJosie
Born1935Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index Jul-Sep 1935)
NotesJosie said she was the 7th child. Married Leo MULLANE. Lives above the Strand in Knockaverry Estate, Youghal. Josie's six children, from youngest to oldest are: Ethel, Peter, Geraldine, Margaret (b abt 1972), Anthony, Thomas (b. abt 1960)
11 Patrick MANGAN
Known asPaddy
Born1937Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index Jan-Mar 1937)
12 Peter MANGAN
Known asPetey
Born1939Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index Apr-Jun 1939)
Born1940Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index Jul-Sep 1940)
14 Margaret E. MANGAN
Known asPeggy
Born1942Youghal (Civ. Reg. Index Apr-Jun 1942)
This is an incomplete list of children. Bartholomew (Sonny) and Margaret had 16 children of whom 11 survived to be adults.
Other possible Mangan children born in Youghal from the Civil Registry Index are:
Patrick James (Civ. Reg. Index Jan-Mar 1925 )
Mary Christine (Civ. Reg. Index Jan-Mar 1926)
Norah (Civ. Reg. Index Oct-Dec 1927)