Husband John MANGAN
Born 1859? _____, County Waterford (source for age: estimates from birth records and census; source for place of birth: 1911 Irish Census)
MarriedJanuary 23, 1887Youghal, see record
Diedpossible Ireland Civ Reg Death Index record: John Mangan, Date of Registration: Oct-Dec 1937, Death Age: 83, Registration district: Fermoy, Volume: 4, Page: 321
FatherJohn MANGAN
MotherCatherine TORPEY
Wife Mary MURPHY
Born1859Youghal (the family lived at Mill Road, Youghal)
BaptisedAugust 7, 1859Youghal, see record
Died possible Ireland Civ Reg Death Index record: Mary Mangan, Date of Registration: Jan-Mar 1929, Death Age: 69, Registration district: Fermoy, Volume: 4, Page: 375
FatherJohn MURPHY
MotherJohanna SLATTERY
Katherine's birth record on August 18, 1888 lists John as being 27 (and Mary as being 26), living at 2495 3rd Ave, Bronx, N.Y. City.
Johanna's birth record on March 28, 1890 lists John as being 30 (And Mary as being 26), living at 2495 3rd Ave, Bronx, N.Y. City.
The 1901 Irish Census record lists the family as living at Penders Lane, Youghal (all RC from Co. Cork):
John Mangan, Labourer, 40, Householder
Mary Mangan, 35, Wife
Catherine Mangan, Scholar, 12, Daughter
Josephine Mangan, Scholar, 11, Daughter
John Mangan, Scholar, 9, Son
Mary Mangan, Scholar, 6, Daughter
Bartholomew Mangan, 3, Son
John Murphy, Labourer, 70, Father In Law
Bridget Slattery, Servant, 15, Niece

The April 1911 Census record lists John as a general labourer, age 55, born in Co. Waterford, Roman Catholic, unable to read, speaks Irish and English, married for 24 years, 8 children born alive and 6 children still alive, living at 2 Penders Lane. Mary is listed as age 46, born in Co. Cork, Roman Catholic, able to read and write, able to speak Irish and English. The children are:
Catherine, 23, dressmaker
Joahanna, 21
John, 19, Merchant Sailor
Mary, 17, Domestic Servant
Bat, 13
Michael, 9
John Mangan and Mary Murphy were married on January 23, 1887. Soon thereafter they emigrated to N.Y. City where Katherine, Johanna and John were born. John Burke (Mary Mangan's son) thought that someone in the family contracted malaria, but whatever the reason, the family moved back to Youghal before Mary's birth in 1894. The UK Incoming Passenger List (see record) shows the family arriving at Queenstown, Cork on the ship, Teutonic on March 13, 1894. The record has John Mangan (34), Mary Mangan (30), Katie (6), Hannah (4) and William T. (infant under 1) [NOTE: there is a problem with the ship record in that their son John is missing from the list. The youngest child appears to be "William T". It seems unlikely that the family would have left John behind, who would only have been somewhere from 9 months to 2 yrs 9mths, but if so, John did get to Youghal as he appears in the Irish 1901 Census.
Marriage record for John Mangan and Mary Murphy (from Mallow Heritage Centre):
Date of Marriage: 23/01/1887; Parish / District: YOUGHAL; County: Co. Cork; Husband - Name: John Mangan; Address: Youghal; Denomination: Roman Catholic; Wife - Name: Mary Murphy; Address: Youghal; Denomination: Roman Catholic; Husband's Father - Name: John Mangan; Husband's Mother - Name: Catherine Torpey; Wife's Father - Name: John Murphy; Wife's Mother - Name: Johanna Slattery; Witness 1 - Name: Michael McCarthy; Witness 2 - Name: Mary Greene; Notes: CELEB [D KELLER] HUSBANDS MOTHERS PET NAME [KATE] HUSBANDS & WIFES BOTH PAR ADDS: [YOUGHAL] WIT. ADDS: [YOUGHAL] & [YOUGHAL] [MAHONY] CROSSED OUT AS HUSBANDS SURNAME [DISP A DK]
The "John Murphy" living with the family at the time of the 1901 Youghal Census is Mary's father. Also living with them in 1901 was "Bridget Slattery" whom the 1901 Census says is a 15 year old "niece". Who's niece was she? What relation to Mary's mother, Johanna Slattery?
There is a birth record for a Bridget Slattery which may be the niece
Bridget Slattery; Date of Baptism / Birth: 11/06/1886; Address: Gurtnaskeha; Parish / District: KILWORTH; Gender: Female; County: Co. Cork; Denomination: Roman Catholic; Father: Thomas Slattery; Mother: Ellen Ahern; Sponsor 1 / Informant 1: John Colebert; Sponsor 2 / Informant 2: Mary Coleman
Note that a Bonnie Slattery was witness to the marriage of Mary's son John in 1918 and also, in the same year, was a witness to the marriage of Mary's daughter Mary. Who was Bonnie Slattery?
1 __________ MANGAN
Born1887?Brooklyn, N.Y.?
Notes Katherine's birth certificate (Aug 18, 1888) lists her as the second child and that both she and the first child were living and Johanna's birth certificate on March 28, 1890 show that this child had died by then. Either this child was a twin of Katherine's (not likely as Katherine is in the N.Y. birth indexes and no other Mangan is on same day) or was born in 1887 (assuming the child was born after the parents' marriage date of Jan. 23, 1887 in either N.Y. or Ireland.)
IF the child was born in the U.S. (and not in Ireland) then the most likely record seemed to be "William Mangan" born Kings County (Brooklyn) March 26, 1887 (cert. No.2406) and died Kings County age 1yr on January 16, 1889 (cert. No.735), however, after obtaining the birth certifcate, this William was not their child. (see record)
In any event, the only young Mangan child recorded in the N.Y. Death Index as dying within the 1888-1890 range is "William Mangin"
2 Katherine MANGAN
Known asKate or Kitty
BornAugust 18, 18882495 3rd Ave., Bronx, N.Y. City   record
Notes Katherine's City of New York birth certificate lists her as the second child with two children living. She was born at 2495 Third Avenue. Her mother is listed as 26 years old and her father 27 years old. Her father was a laborer.
The April 1911 Irish Census record lists her as a dressmaker, age 23, single, born in America, Roman Catholic, living with her parents at 2 Penders Lane.
Kate was with the family in Youghal at the time of the 1911 Youghal Census. Molly, in Ellis Island record listed her sister Kate Mangan as paying for her passage, and that Molly's destination in the U.S. was her sister Kate's at 350 6th Ave, Brooklyn, so Kate returned to the U.S. sometime between 1911 and 1916.
Kate's name doesn't seem to appear in the U.S. 1920 Census so she was probably married with a different name by then? Have not found her name in N.Y. City death or marriage indexes (though a Kathryn Mangan did marry an Edward P. Minoque on Aug 27, 1913 (marr cert. 20977, Manhattan) - unlikely to be this Katherine. Also possibility of Catherine Mangan married Patrick Power Feb 11, 1917 (marr cert. 2279, Kings Cty *get copy of this*). Have not found her name in the U.K. Incoming Passenger lists after 1916.
3 Josephine Hannah MANGAN
Known asJohanna
BornMarch 28, 18902495 3rd Ave., Bronx, N.Y. City record
DiedJuly 8, 1934 
Notes Johanna's birth record shows that she was the third child of the family and only two were living. The March 28, 1890 birth record shows Johanna's mother's age as 26 and her father's age as 30. The Irish 1901 Census record has her name as, Josie, and the 1911 Census record has her name as Joahanna.
The April 1911 Irish Census record lists her as age 21, single, born in America, Roman Catholic, living with her parents at 2 Penders Lane.
Youghal cemetery records say that Johanna was 44 when she died.
Known asJohnny
Born(June 7)?, 1891-3? Bronx (Source is WWI Reg. Card which says June 7, but also says 1894 which is unlikely. Irish census suggests 1891. If family arrived back in Ireland March 13, 1894 (see record) then the N.Y. birth must be before then)
MarriedApril 28, 1918Brooklyn, N.Y.   record
Died N.Y.
Buried Long Island National Cemetery (source: oral from John Patrick Burke)
Notes There are three likely records for John's birth in N.Y.: ____ Mangen, 17 Feb. 1891, Manhattan, N.Y., Cert. No. 6589; ____ Mangin, 18 Feb 1892, Kings (Brooklyn), Cert. No.2005; John Mangin, 17 Dec 1893, Manhattan, N.Y., Cert. No.50937 *get copy*.
If the family returned to Ireland in March 1894 (see record) the mystery is that the ship manifest shows only children Katherine(6), Johanna(4) and an infant William T. But it may be that's a misreading of the infant's name and it should be "J" and John was born 1893-4, in which case the N.Y. birth record of John Mangin, Dec 17, 1893 (cert. No.50937. Manhattan) is likely.*get copy* The Irish March 31, 1901 Census record lists him as age 9, born in Co. Cork [should have been N.Y.], Roman Catholic, living with his parents at Penders Lane.
The Irish April 1911 Census record lists him as a sailor in the merchant service, age 19, single, born in America, Roman Catholic, living with his parents at 2 Penders Lane.
John was in Youghal on April 1, 1911 and returned to the U.S. sometime between 1911 and 1917.
John was with the U.S. Army in WWI.
John's June 5, 1917 First World War Draft card (see record) gives his birth date as June 7, 1894, age 22, works for John A. Hull Co., 83 Gold, N.Y. City, brown eyes, brown hair, tall, lives at 171 15th Street. The signature matches with his April 28, 1918 Marriage certificate, as does his address.
He married Helen (Nellie) O'Keeffe from Youghal on April 28, 1918. The marriage certificate names her as O'Keefe but she signs it O'Keeffe. In the marriage certificate he lists his mother's maiden name as Mary Slattery. He made a mistake as 'Slattery' is his mother's mother's name. It should have been Mary Murphy. U.S. 1930 Census gives their ages at the marriage as 24 and 21 but the marriage certificate says he is 23 and she is 22. The marriage was witnessed by Bonnie Slattery and P. Burke (Patrick Burke who married John's sister Mary on June 30, 1918). John's occupation is given as "Rigger" in the marriage certificate, and his address as 171 15th Street. Helen's father is listed as Daniel and his mother as Mary Cronin.
Helen's parents were married in 1890 (civ ref marriages index: Daniel Keeffe and Mary Cronin, Jul-Sep 1890, district: Youghal, v.4, p.392)
The 1911 Youghal Census lists Nellie's family at 12 Grattan Street: O'KEEFFE Daniel & Mary, Nellie, Michael, Katie, Mary, Bridie. In the U.S. 1930 Census, Michael is shown as emigrating to the U.S. in 1926 and living with John and Nellie.
The 1920 U.S. Census record shows John and Nellie living in Brooklyn. John Mangan (age 26, born in N.Y. of Irish parents) and Helen Mangan (age 22 born in Ireland of Irish parents)
On May 7, 1923 Nellie applied for a passport (see record) and it lists their marriage date as April 28, 1918. Nellie states that she was born in Youghal on Jan 23, 1896, married to John Mangan who was born in N.Y., they reside at 336 14th St, Brooklyn, she came to country in 1913 and has never been outside country since, object of application is to visit her parents, going on S.S. Cedric, sailing June 30, 1923. The U.K. Incoming passenger list for the Cedric for July 8, 1923 shows Nellie as the only Mangan traveling. Her destination was given as Grattan St., Youghal.
The 1930 (April 15) U.S. Census shows John, Nellie (and Nellie's brother Michael O'Keeffe) living together in Brooklyn, N.Y. John is age 36 (age at marriage 24) born in N.Y., parents born in Ireland, veteran of WWI. Nellie is age 33 (age at marriage 21) born in Ireland, parents born in Ireland, immigrated 1913.
John was a weighmaster on the docks in New York. Jim Doyle had a couple of drinks with him at Aherne's bar in Youghal in 1946 when John Mangan and his wife were visiting Youghal.
John was in the U.S. Army in the First World War. After John's death his wife Nellie returned to Youghal. She is buried in Youghal.
John Patrick Burke (son of Mary Mangan) said that John Mangan was buried at the Long Island National Cemetery. See for a list of graves at the Long Island National Cemetery.
Confusing close matches in records:
This WWI Draft card (see record) is for a John F. Mangan who is buried at the Long Island National Cemetery but has an impossible birth year that conflicts with the birth of Johanna. In answer to the question "Have you a father, mother, wife, child under 12, or a sister or brother under 12, solely dependent on your for support (specify which)" he answers "Mother, sister and nephews" which would not be true for John Mangan.
There are two reasonable matches on John Mangan at the National Cemetery site:
John Mangan: PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II [seems from service start date that should be WORLD WAR I], Birth Date: 18 Jun 1894, Death Date: 5 Feb 1955, Service Start Date: 21 May 1918, Interment Date: 8 Feb 1955, Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery, and
John F. Mangan, PFC US ARMY, WORLD WAR I, DATE OF BIRTH: 09/26/1890 DATE OF DEATH: 09/14/1968
The former seems more likely though the birth date seems inaccurate. Josie (John's neice, daughter of brother Bartholomew) said that John died two years after her father--which would make John's death 1955.
A World War II Draft Registration Card (April 27, 1942) exists but seems to be the wrong John Mangan (see record) says he lives at 442 14th St, Brooklyn with wife Helen Mangan. He was born on July 25, 1892 in the Bronx. His employer is John A. Hull Co. (city weighers, in the city of New York) 84 Gold, N.Y. City. (next page of record says he is approx 5'8", 160lbs, blue eyes, black hair, ruddy complexion)]. Note that marriage records for N.Y. show at least three John Mangans who married a Helen.
5 William T. MANGAN
Born1893 or 1894 
Notes This record is doubtful. It relies on "William T." (an infant under one year old) being listed in the U.K. Incoming Passenger list when the family returned to Youghal in March 1894 (see record). It's puzzling that that record only shows children Katie(6), Hannah(4) and the infant William T. and no John. The 1911 Census shows that the family had 8 children and only 6 were then alive. William was not listed in the 1901 Census so, if he exists, he presumably died in Ireland sometime between March 1894 and March 1901. But it's also possible that "William T." in the ship manifest is a misreading for "John" and that William T. didn't exist which would mean that some other child was born to John and Mary in Ireland between 1901 and 1911 and died before the 1911 Census.
Known asMolly
Born1894Youghal (Civ reg births index: Mary Mangan, Date of Birth 1894, Group Registration ID 11475223, District: Youghal)
BaptisedDecember 16, 1894Youghal record
MarriedJune 30, 1918Holy Family Church, Brooklyn
DiedJune 30, 1966
Notes The April 1911 Irish Census record lists her as age 17, employed in domestic service, single, born in Co. Cork, Roman Catholic, living with her parents at 2 Penders Lane.
Mary emigrated from Youghal to New York arriving July 2, 1916. On the ship's manifest she says she is going to her sister Kate. Mary's son John Burke thought that she came to the U.S. to work as a servant for Bonnie Slattery. Was Bonnie a relation? (Mary's grandmother was Johanna Slattery. Also Bonnie Slattery was a witness at the marriage of both Mary Mangan to Patrick Burke, and John Mangan to Helen O'Keeffe [there is a possible Social Security Death Index record for a Bonnie Slattery, b. 15 Aug 1886, died in N.Y. City Dec 1968]).
7 Bartholomew MANGAN
Known asSonny
Born1898Youghal (Civ reg births index: Bartholomew Mangan, Date of Birth 1898, Group Registration ID 11375013, District: Youghal)
BaptisedFebruary 18, 1898Youghal record
DiedApril 16, 1953Youghal
Notes The April 1911 Irish Census record lists him as age 13, born in Co. Cork, Roman Catholic, living with his parents at 2 Penders Lane.
8 Michael MANGAN
Known asMikey
BornApril 17, 1902Youghal (Civ reg births index: Michael Mangan, Apr-Jun 1902, Youghal, v.4, p.677--Date of Birth 17 April 1902, Group Registration ID 7232273, District: Youghal, Sex Male, Mother's Birth Surname MURPHY)
Diedaround 1955Josie (daughter of Bartholomew MANGAN) thought that Mikey had died a couple of years before her father--which would put Mikey's death at around 1951.
Notes The April 1911 Irish Census record lists him as age 9, born in Co. Cork, Roman Catholic, living with her parents at 2 Penders Lane.
In adult years Michael (said his nephew, John Burke) lived with Molly in cold-water flats in Brooklyn, NYC near Our Lady of Perpetual Help. John Burke said that Mikey worked on grain elevators which was not good for his celiac disease. Mikey died at around age 51.
Michael emigrated from Youghal to New York in 1921. The record at says: First Name: Michael; Last Name: Mangan; Ethnicity: Irish; Last Place of Residence: Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland; Date of Arrival: Jan 19, 1921; Age at Arrival: 18y Gender: M; Marital Status: S; Ship of Travel: Megantic; Port of Departure: Queenstown; Manifest Line Number: 0026
See note above for Molly that lists Michael living with Molly's family in 1930.
There is a naturalization record for a Michael Mangan in the U.S. District Court, Southern Dist. of New York, July 7, 1931, that might be him.