Husband John MURPHY
Born 1830? County Cork (source: 70 in 1901 Census)
MarriedFebruary 24, 1859Parish of Killeagh (adjoining Youghal) (Date of Marriage: 24/02/1859; Parish / District: KILLEAGH; County: Co. Cork; Husband - Name: John Murphy; Denomination: Roman Catholic; Wife - Johanna Slattery; Denomination: Roman Catholic; Husband's Father - Name: Murphy; Wife's Father - Name: Slattery; Witness 1: John Kelly; Witness 2: Ellen Fitzgerald; Notes: PRIEST P O KEEFFE record)
Diedprobably died 1901-1911 (in 1901 Census, not in 1911 Census) (There are no very close death index matches for a John Murphy born around 1830. These come closest: John Murphy, Date of Registration: Jan-Mar 1907, Death Age: 86, Registration district: Youghal, v.4, p.621; John Murphy, Date of Registration: Jan-Mar 1907, Death Age: 69, Registration district: Youghal, v.4, p.618; John Murphy, Date of Registration: Oct-Dec 1910, Death Age: 71, Registration district: Youghal, v.4, p.530)
NotesJohn was alive at the time of the 1901 Census living with his daughter Mary's family.
1901 Census - 5 Penders Lane, Youghal: "MANGAN - John and Mary, Kate, Josie, John, Mary, Barthlomew, John Murphy, Bridget Slattery (all born in County Cork)".
Wife Johanna SLATTERY
BaptisedA probable, though not certain, baptism record for Johanna is: Johanna Slattery; Date of Baptism / Birth: 15/08/1839; Parish / District: KILLEAGH; County Co. Cork; Denomination: Roman Catholic; Father: Maurice Slattery; Mother: Ellen Conway; Sponsor 1 / Informant 1: William Kelleher; Sponsor 2 / Informant 2: Sarah Kinsella
DiedA possible civ reg deaths record for Johanna is: Jan-Mar 1899, Death Age: 64, district: Youghal, v.4, p.591
FatherMaurice Slattery?
MotherEllen Conway?
Notes Note that a Bridget Slattery is listed in the 1901 Census as a 15 year old niece of their daughter Mary and her husband John Mangan. Whose niece was she? what relation to Johanna Slattery and her daughter Mary?
There is a birth record for a Bridget Slattery which is probably the niece (as the closest records in Waterford and E. Cork are for a Bridget Slattery birth in 1880 and 1890)
Bridget Slattery; Date of Baptism / Birth: 11/06/1886; Address: Gurtnaskeha; Parish / District: KILWORTH; Gender: Female; County: Co. Cork; Denomination: Roman Catholic; Father: Thomas Slattery; Mother: Ellen Ahern; Sponsor 1 / Informant 1: John Colebert; Sponsor 2 / Informant 2: Mary Coleman [Kilworth is 30 miles NW of Youghal]
BaptisedAugust 7, 1859Youghal