Husband Michael POWER
Born 1905 Clonpriest? (source: civ reg births index: Michael Power, Date of Registration: Jul-Sep 1905, district: Youghal, v.4, p. 666--Group Registration ID 270382 and Catryn Power's genealogy)
MarriedJanuary 23, 1923Youghal (source: civ reg marriages index: Jan-Mar 1923, Youghal, v.4, p.467--Bridget Greenslade and Michael Power, Date of Event 23 January 1923, Group Registration ID 1140601)
DiedDecember 1976Youghal (source: Catryn Power's genealogy)
FatherJohn POWER
MotherMargaret McGRATH
Known asBridgie
BornFebruary 28, 1892Park, Co. Cork (Civil Birth Record: Bridget Greenslade, Date of Birth: 28-Feb-1892, Address: Park, Parish: Templemichael, Co. Waterford, Father: George Greenslade, Labourer, Mother: Margaret Leahy, Place of birth: Park, Co. Cork, Informant: Greenslade George, Informant address: Park, Registration Date: 25 MAR 1892, Registrar: Rogers R.H., Register: TMICHAEL BTH BK 4, Union: Youghal)
Died1977Youghal (Civ reg deaths index: Bridget Power, Year of Death 1977, Group Registration ID 235149, District: Youghal, Deceased Age at Death 83, Civil Status:Widowed, and also sourced from Catryn Power's genealogy)
Father George GREENSLADE
MotherMargaret LEAHY
NotesIn the 1911 Irish Census, Bridget Greenslade is listed as an 18 year old servant in the home of John and Mary Neville, house number 3 in Ballyroe (Kilcockan, Waterford)
1 John M. POWER
Born1930(civ reg births index: John M Power, Mother's Surname: Greenslade, Jan-Mar 1930, district: Lismore, v.4, p.433--Group Registration ID 5451396)
Died1930(probable civ reg deaths index: John Michael Power, Jul-Sep 1930, Death Age: 0, district: Lismore, v.4, p.329)
2 Patrick Michael Joseph POWER
Born1931(civ reg births index: Patrick J Power, Mother's Surname: Greenslade, Jan-Mar 1932, district: Lismore, v.4, p.4*)
3 Catherine M. POWER
Known asKathleen
Born1934(civ reg births index: Catherine M Power, Mother's Surname: Greenslade, Apr-Jun 1934, district: Lismore, v.4, p.441)
4 Elizabeth C. POWER
Known asBess
Born1937(civ reg births index: Elizabeth C Power, Mother's Surname: Greenslade, Jan-Mar 1937, district: Lismore, v.4, p.409)
5 Brigid POWER
Known asBiddy
Married?Biddy married Patrick Ryan (1924-1985)
NotesBiddy has several children, including Liam and his older brother Jimmy. Jimmy lives in Florida.
Notes Bridget GREENSLADE had a child, Margaret, prior to her marriage to Michael POWER (by a different father). Margaret had a child, Brian. Margaret was married, in London, to Paul O'Connell from Dublin. A possible marriage record is Paul A O'Connell marries Margaret M Smyth at Westminster, London, 1944. If that is correct then a possible birth record in Waterford for Margaret Smyth is in 1909.
another possible child to Bridget and Michael is (baby death) Leah?