Husband George Bamsey GREENSLADE
Born October 23, 1866 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon (source of place: family oral tradition is that George came from Exeter, Devon) (birth record George Bamsey Greenslade, born: October 23, 1866 at Ball, Cheriton Fitzpaine, father: William Greenslade, farm labourer, mother: Charlotte Greenslade formerly Bamsey, signed with the mark of Charlotte Greenslade record)
BaptisedNovember 11, 1866 Cheriton Fitzpaine, St. Mary (see record)
MarriedJune 5, 18901890 marriage (see civil marriage record) in RC Chapel of Kilwatermoy in the Registrar's District of Tallow, in the Union of Lismore in the County of Waterford. George Greenslade, age 24, Labourer, resident at time of marriage in Boola (Templemichael, Waterford), his father William Greenslade a Farmer. Margaret Leahy, age 24, resident in Boola, her father Maurice Leahy a labourer. They were married by James Qualy in the presence of William Sullivan and Maryanne Buckley. Margaret Leahy and the two witness signed their names with a mark. (civ reg marriages index: George Greenslade and Margaret Leahy, Apr-Jun 1890, district: Lismore, v.4, p.346)
Died1947 (probable civ reg deaths index: Jul-Sep 1947, Death Age: 72, district: Dungarvan, v.4, p.292-- Group Registration ID 2627421 *get copy*)
FatherWilliam GREENSLADE (confirmed by George's marriage record)
MotherCharlotte BAMSEY
NotesGeorge went to Ireland for the Forestry Commission, married Margaret Leahy and remained in Ireland.
In 1890 (at their marriage) George and Margaret were living in Boola, Templemichael, Waterford. In 1894 (at the birth of George) they were living in Park, Cork.
The March 31, 1901 Census gives George's age as 36.
The Irish 1911 Census (April 2nd) record gives George as being 45. At the time the family was living at house number 3 in Ballycondon Commons (Templemichael, Waterford)
GREENSLADE, George, Servant, Single, M, 15, 1866, Farm Servant (Indoor) Cheriton Fitzpaine Devon
This George is given in the UK 1871 (April 2nd) Census as "George B. Greenslade, age 4, Cheriton Fitzpaine" (George's name in his birth record is George Bamsey (note that the family had another George who lived 1859-1863)
This George, born in Cheriton Fitzpaine, had a father William Greenslade (born 1822) and mother Charlotte (born 1828). William is given in George and Margaret's marriage record as a farmer. In the 1871 Census he is given as an agricultural labourer.
Note that the evidence tying George to the Greenslade family in Cheriton Fitzpaine is that George's marriage record shows his father to be a farmer named William, that (from Irish Census records) George would have been born around 1865-66 and that family tradition says that George came from around Exeter, England. The 1871 UK Census shows only two George Greenslades of the appropriate age who have a father William, one George is 7, born in Bath, Somerset who was living in Bampton, Devon, and the other George is 4, who was born and lived in Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon. The 7-year-old from Bath can be eliminated as a possibility because his family in the 1871 and 1881 Census shows that by the 1881 Census his mother Mary was a widow, yet in the 1890 Irish marriage record of George Greenslade and Margaret Leahy, George's father, William, is not shown as deceased but as a farmer. Also George Greenslade from Bath appears in the 1901 and 1911 Censuses as living in Newport, wales, and having a wife, Annie, and children. And with the advent of DNA analysis, the link to the Devon Greenslades has been proved. DNA analysis predicted a 4th cousin relationship between Michelle Lee Falconer (b. 1969), the great-granddaughter of William Howard Greenslade (via Irene May Greenslade (1921-1988) who married Lionel J Brading in 1941, and their daughter Linda J Brading (b. 1947) who married Charles J Falconer in 1967) and John Doyle (George Greenslades great-grandson), their closest common ancesters being William Greenslade (1822-1898) married to Charlotte Bamsey (1828-1884).
Wife Margaret LEAHY
BornFebruary 23, 1865Ballydaniel, Templemichael (Civil Birth Record: Margaret Leahy, Date of Birth: 23-Feb-1865, Address: Ballydaniel, Parish: Templemichael, Waterford, Father: Maurice Leahy, Labourer, Mother: Bridget Connell, Place of birth: Ballydaniel, Informant: Leahy Maurice (Father), Informant address: Ballydaniel Avagh, Registration Date: 28 Feb 1865, Registrar: Ahern James (Regt), Register: TMICHAEL BTH BK 1, Union: Youghal) See record
DiedFebruary 14, 1950Probable Civ reg deaths index: Jan-Mar 1950, District: Dungarvan, v.4, p.327--Group Registration ID 2271409. See record. Margaret died at St. Joseph's Home in Dungarvan. The death record says that she was 77, from Knockanore, the widow of a labourer.
FatherMaurice Leahy
MotherBridget Connell
NotesKitty DONOGHUE says that Margaret was a quiet, little woman. George and Margaret were living in Carrigeen, Templemichael, County Waterford (5 miles north of Youghal) in 1895 when Molly was born. The 1911 Census gives Margaret's age as 46, born in Co. Cork, married 21 years, with 8 children born alive and then living.

There is a Jeremiah Greenslade listed in the Civil Registration Deaths Index: Apr-Jun 1913, Death Age: 6, district: Youghal, v.4, p.572 *get copy*. Was he related? (there was no Jeremiah Greenslade listed in Ireland in the 1911 Irish Census)

See Notes (at end of page) as to other possible Leahy family members.
Born1891(civ reg births index: Helena Greenslade, district: Youghal, Apr-Jun 1891, v.4, p.753--Group Registration ID 11039158)(civ reg record: Helena Greenslade, Date of Birth: 03-Feb-1891, Address: Park, Co. Cork, Parish: Templemichael, Father: George Greenslade, labourer, Mother: Margaret Leahy. See record -- note that registered birth date is later than baptismal date. Baptismal date is probably more accurate.)[Park is 5 miles NW of Youghal, in Cork close to the Waterford border]
BaptisedJan 25, 1891Parish of Killeagh, County Cork   record
Died1918?probable civ reg deaths index record: Helena Sullivan, Date of Registration: Oct-Dec 1918, Death Age: 29, Registration district: Youghal, Volume: 4, Page: 603 *get copy*
NotesThe church baptism record gives Helena's name as Ellen. She was baptised on Jan 25, 1891 in the parish of Killeagh, Cork. Sponsors are listed as: John Leahy and Catherine Leahy.
The March 31, 1901 Census gives her age as 10. The 1911 Census lists Helena Greenslade as age 21, born in Co. Cork, a servant to David and Alina Walsh on a farm at Ballyneague, Ardhagh [a little west of Templemichael, about 6 miles NW of Youghal]
Her niece Pauline Hennessy (daughter of George) said that she died in 1918 of the flu and that she had a child, Jimmy, by her husband Neddie Sullivan and that after her death Neddie married her aunt Bridget (sister of Margaret Leahy) and together they raised the child. But did Margaret have a sister Bridget?
Note that there are births recorded in Youghal of James Sullivans in 1911, 1913, 1914 and 1918.
BornFebruary 28, 1892Park, Co. Cork (Civil Birth Record: Bridget Greenslade, Date of Birth: 28-Feb-1892, Address: Park, Parish: Templemichael, Co. Waterford, Father: George Greenslade, Labourer, Mother: Margaret Leahy, Place of birth: Park, Co. Cork, Informant: Greenslade George, Informant address: Park, Registration Date: 25 MAR 1892, Registrar: Rogers R.H., Register: TMICHAEL BTH BK 4, Union: Youghal)
NotesThe March 31, 1901 Census gives her age as 9. The 1911 Census shows that Bridget, age 18, was a servant to the Neville family at house number 3 in Ballyroe (Kilcockan, Waterford) record. Bridget lived 14 miles from Youghal in Tallow (near Waterford) with husband Michael POWER and 5 or 6 children.
Born1893(source: civ reg births index: William Greenslade, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1893, district: Youghal, v.4, p.745--Group Registration ID 10762704)
BaptisedJanuary 11, 1893Parish of Killeagh, Co. Cork   record
Married1933(civ reg marriages index: William Greenslade and Catherine Hickey, Apr-Jun 1933, district: Lismore, v.4, p.319)
DiedFebruary 9, 1976 
Buried Youghal cemetery
Notes The March 31, 1901 Census gives his age as 8.
The 1911 Irish Census (under the name "William Greenslate") gives him as age 18, born in Waterford, a farm servant to Patrick Colbert at house 1 in Castlemiles (Templemichael, Waterford)
His headstone says "In loving memory of, William Greenslade, Died Feb 9 1976 Aged 83 years, his wife Catherine, died Jan 13 1982 aged 67 years, their daughter Margaret, died 7 Nov 1984 aged 51 years." His wife was Catherine HICKEY. Margaret was known as "Peggy". Margaret's birth record: civ reg births index: Margaret M Greenslade, Mother's Surname: Hickey, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1934, district: Dungarvan, v.4, p.375
Ireland Civ Reg Index also lists: George Greenslade, Mother: Hickey, Birth: Mar 1935 - Dungarvan. Is George a child of William and Catherine?
Ireland Civ Reg Index also lists: William Greenslade, Mother: Hickey, Birth: Jun 1938 - Lismore; Johanna Greenslade, Mother: Hickey, Birth: Sep 1940 - Lismore; Catherine M Greenslade, Mother: Hickey, Birth: Dec 1942 - Lismore; Michael Greenslade, Mother: Hickey, Birth: Sep 1945 - Lismore; Patrick J Greenslade, Mother: Hickey, Birth: Jun 1947 - Lismore. Are these children of William and Catherine?
4 George Francis GREENSLADE
Born1894Park, Co. Cork. See record
BaptisedMarch 25, 1894Parish of Killeagh, Co. Cork. See record
DiedFebruary 29, 1960Manhasset, Long Island, N.Y.
NotesGeorge emigrated to America as a young man, and had a family there of 5 children. George was killed crossing a street in New York
Known asMolly
BornNovember 5, 1895Carrigeen, Templemichael, Waterford (Civ reg births index: Mary Greenslad, Date of Birth 1895, Group Registration ID 9875229, District: Youghal)
DiedAugust 24, 1984 
Buried Youghal cemetery
NotesThe 1911 Census shows that Molly, age 15, was a servant to the O'Neill family at house number 8 in Ballyphillip, West (Kilcockan, Waterford) see record
Known asPaddy
BornMay 29, 1899Waterford (source for "May 29" is Patrick's Registration of Death form, the information for which came from a friend of Patrick's, W.E. Bachmann)
BaptisedJune 1, 1899Parish of Knockanore, Waterford   record
DiedSeptember 24, 1992He died of heart failure at the age of 93 at his place of residence, the Haro Park Centre, an assisted living community, in Vancouver. He was cremated by the North Shore Crematorium, North Vancouver on September, 29, 1992. See reg. of death record
NotesThe March 31, 1901 Census gives his age as 2. The April 2, 1911 Census gives his age as 12.
Patrick migrated to Canada, arriving on March 30, 1924 (see record). He sailed on the S.S. Celtic leaving on March 23, 1924, 3rd class passage, his age is given as 25, single, farmer, intending to be a farmer, closest relative in Ireland is given as his mother Mary Greenslade [note he said his mother was Mary and not Margaret] at Ballinatrea, Templemichael, Youghal. His stated destination was the Winnipeg YMCA.
There is a record of Patrick Greenslade being on the crew of the S.S. "Pr. Alice" from Victoria, B.C., to Seattle on August 8, 1943 (see record). He is listed as having worked for the company for one year, being a "Nite-man", age 44, Irish, 5'6", 135 lbs. The age is exactly correct so it probably is this Patrick, especially as the name, Patrick Greenslade, is relatively rare (there are none in the 1911 Canadian Census). [The princess Alice was a "pocket liner" passenger vessel in the coastal service fleet of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Built in 1911, the company sold her in 1949.]
A "Pat Greenslade, laborer" is listed in the British Columbia voter register for 1945 at a rooming house property at 927 Main Street, Apt. 2, Vancouver Centre

Kitty DONOGHUE said that he had never married. Confirmed by his registration of death.
7 Catherine GREENSLADE
Known asKit or Kate
Born1901Ballycondon, Waterford (baptism record says 'Upper Commons'
BaptisedJune 3, 1901Parish of Knockanore   record
Married1934West Ham, Essex (England Marriage Index record: Frederick H Turner and Catherine Greenslade, Date of Registration: Jul-Sep 1934, Registration district: West Ham, Essex, Volume Number: 4a, Page Number: 1100)
DiedFebruary 10, 1986Youghal (Civ reg deaths index: Catherine Turner, Year of Death 1986, Group Registration ID 1148061, District: Youghal, Deceased Age at Death 84, Civil Status: Married)
Buried Youghal cemetery
Notes The April 2, 1911 Census lists her age as 10.
Kit and Frederick lived in London and had no children. For a picture of Kit and Fred in 1949 see Kitty Donoghue and Jim Doyle's Wedding. Headstone in Youghal cemetery says: "Catherine (Kate) Turner, 1 Dr Kennedy Place, Died 10 Feb 1986 aged 84 years.
Known asMaggie
BornDecember 6, 1907Ballycondon, Waterford (civ reg births index: Margaret Greenslade, Date of Registration: Jan-Mar 1908, district: Youghal, v.4, p.677--Date of Birth 6 December 1907, Group Registration ID 558573, District: Youghal, Sex Female, Mother's Birth Surname LEAHY)
BaptisedDecember 4, 1907Parish of Knockanore   record
MarriedSeptember 6, 1945(civ reg marriages index: Jul-Sep 1945, district: Lismore, v.4, p.323--Michael Landy and Margaret Greenslade, Date of Event 6 September 1945, Group Registration ID 1082429, District: Lismore)
Diedapprox. 1980(possible Civ reg deaths index: Margaret Landers, Year of Death 1983, Group Registration ID 42049, District Waterford, Deceased Age at Death 75, Civil Status Widowed)
Notes The April 2, 1911 Census lists Margaret age as 3.
Maggie married Michael (Mick) LANDY (headstone in Youghal cemetery reads "In Memoriam, Michael Landers, died Oct 19 1975). They had one daughter, Noreen (civ reg births index: Nora M Landy, Mother's Surname: Greenslade, Apr-Jun 1950, district: Lismore, v.4, p.459). They lived in Knockanore, Waterford.
Note that George Greenslade's baptism record in 1894 lists Mary Leahy as one of the sponsors. The gravestone record below for a Mary Leahy, who died in 1920, says that she was formerly from Dungourney which is about 2 miles west of Dangan or 11 miles west of Youghal. Could that Mary Leahy perhaps be the Mary that sponsored George at his baptism? (possible civ reg deaths index record: Apr-Jun 1920, Death Age: 62, district: Middletown, v.4, p.415)
Dangandonovan Cemetery (Barradaw Area) (see from article at, Cork A & H Jan-Dec. 1974)
LeahyBartholomewJune 24th 176024 Here/ Lyeth the Body/ of Bartholomew/ Leahy who depa/ rted This Life/ June the 24th 1760/ aged 24 years
LeaheyElizabeth3rd April 176460 This Stone/ was erected by/ John Leahey for/ His Family. Elizbet/ h Leahey his Wife/ died ye 3rd of April/ 1764 aged 60 years
LeahyMartin12 Mar. 178458 Here/ Lies the Body of Martin/ Leahy who Departed this/ Life March 12 1784 aged 58/ years./ Also the body of Margaret/ Leahy who departed this life/ [-]7 of April 1815 aged 2 years
LeahyDavidJuly 26th 178619 Here/ Lies the Body of/ David Leahy who De/ parted This Life/ July the 26th 1786/ aged 19 years
LeahyMargaret?7 April 18152 Here/ Lies the Body of Martin/ Leahy who Departed this/ Life March 12 1784 aged 58/ years./ Also the body of Margaret/ Leahy who departed this life/ [-]7 of April 1815 aged 2 years
LeahyPatrickDec 3rd 184920BarradawErected/ By John Leahy of Barradaw/ in memory of his son John Leahy/ who died July 5th 1850/ aged 22 years/ Also his son Patrick Leahy/ who died Decr 3rd 1849/ aged 20 years./ His daughter Mary/ died Ocr 24th 1856 aged 29 years/ His wife Ellen Connell died/ Febry 2nd 1853 aged 54 yrs
LeahyJohnJuly 5th 185022BarradawErected/ By John Leahy of Barradaw/ in memory of his son John Leahy/ who died July 5th 1850/ aged 22 years/ Also his son Patrick Leahy/ who died Decr 3rd 1849/ aged 20 years./ His daughter Mary/ died Ocr 24th 1856 aged 29 years/ His wife Ellen Connell died/ Febry 2nd 1853 aged 54 yrs
Leahy/ConnellEllenFeb 2nd 185354BarradawErected/ By John Leahy of Barradaw/ in memory of his son John Leahy/ who died July 5th 1850/ aged 22 years/ Also his son Patrick Leahy/ who died Decr 3rd 1849/ aged 20 years./ His daughter Mary/ died Ocr 24th 1856 aged 29 years/ His wife Ellen Connell died/ Febry 2nd 1853 aged 54 yrs
LeahyMaryOct. 24th 185629BarradawErected/ By John Leahy of Barradaw/ in memory of his son John Leahy/ who died July 5th 1850/ aged 22 years/ Also his son Patrick Leahy/ who died Decr 3rd 1849/ aged 20 years./ His daughter Mary/ died Ocr 24th 1856 aged 29 years/ His wife Ellen Connell died/ Febry 2nd 1853 aged 54 yrs
LeahyMary12th June 192064formerly of DungourneyErected/ in/ Loving Memory of/ Mary Leahy/ Formerly of Dungourney/ died 12th June 1920/ aged 64 years
Possible entries for the Leahy family in Griffith's 1851 Valuations are:
(for Youghal) Ballyvergan West a James Leahy", and at Cronakin's Lane a "James Leahy", and at 15 Kenny's Lane a "James Leahy", and at 53 North Main Street a "Michael Leahy", any relation? Also a "Thomas Leahy" at 4 New Lane (off Rasheen Lane) and "Thomas Leahy" at 7 Raheen Lane). Also "John Leahy" at 11 Raheen Lane. Also "Denis Leahy" at 32 Raheen Lane.
And for (Waterford) (and Molly Greenslade was born Carrigeen, Templemichael, County Waterford, about 5 miles north of Youghal), there is a Griffith's entry for, "Map Reference: 4, Occupier: Leahy, Bartholomew, Lessor: Smith, Richard, Esq., Cont. Land: 15 03 10, Net Land: 05 05 00, Net Buildings: 01 00 00, Total Net: 06 05 00, OS Reference: 33&34, Town/Street: Ballynatray Commons, Townland: Ballynatray Commons, Parish: Templemichael, Union: Youghal, Barony: Coshmore and Coshbride, County: Waterford" and also "Map Reference: 5, Occupier: Leahy, Timothy, Lessor: Smith, Richard, Esq., Cont. Land: 28 00 08, Net Land: 08 15 00, Net Buildings: 01 00 00, Total Net: 09 15 00, OS Reference: 33&34, Town/Street: Ballynatray Commons"