Husband Jeremiah O'REGAN
Known asJerry
Born June 29, 1889 Glantane, Mallow (source: Catryn Power's genealogy)
Married1924Youghal (civ reg marriages index: Annie Donoghue and Jeremiah O'Regan, Date of Registration: Jul-Sep 1924, district: Youghal, v.4, p.397)
DiedJune 26, 1967Cork (source: Catryn Power's genealogy)(Civ reg births index: Jeremiah O Regan, Year of Death 1967, Group Registration ID 546946, District: Cork, Deceased Age at Death 78, Civil Status Married)
FatherWilliam O'REGAN (1830-1924)
MotherEllen SCANLON (1844- )
Notes Jerry was an R.S.M in the Munster Fusiliers
Wife Anastatia Mary DONOGHUE
Known asAnnie May
BornAugust 8, 1902Youghal (civ reg births index: Anastatia Mary Donoghue, Date of Registration: Jul-Sep 1902, district: Youghal, v.4, p.676--Date of Birth 8 August 1902, Group Registration ID 7165309, Mother's Birth Surname: WEBSTER *get copy*)
DiedMay 3, 1969Cork (source: Catryn Power's genealogy)
Father James O'DONOGHUE
MotherCatherine WEBSTER
1 William O'REGAN
Known asWillie
BornSeptember 15, 1925Youghal (civ reg births index: William O'Regan, Date of Registration: Oct-Dec 1925, district: Youghal, v.4, p.555--Date of Birth 15 September 1925, Group Registration ID 2173534, Mother's Birth Surname: Donoghue)
2 Kathleen O'REGAN
BornApril 21, 1927Youghal (civ reg births index: Kathleen O'Regan, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1927, district: Youghal, v.4, p.587--Date of Birth 21 April 1927, Group Registration ID 2268222, Mother's Birth Surname: Donoghue)
NotesMarried (March 28, 1967) Paddy FAHEY
3 Patricia O'REGAN
BornSeptember 13,1929Youghal (civ reg births index: Ellen O'Regan, Mother's Surname: O'Donoghue, Date of Registration: Oct-Dec 1929, district: Youghal, v.4, p.525--Group Registration ID 4964066)
MarriedSeptember 6, 1952Plymouth, Devon (England marriages index: Eileen P G O'regan, Spouse Surname: Billinghay, Date of Registration: Jul-Sep 1952, district: Plymouth, v.7a, p.1502)
NotesNote different names on birth and marriage indexes. Patricia married Geoffrey BILLINGHAY. They have a child Michael born May 27, 1953. Michael married Sandra BAKER on November 10, 1993.
4 Ann Marie O'REGAN
Known asNancy
BornMay 15, 1932Youghal
5 Michael O'REGAN
BornSeptember 27, 1934Youghal
DiedMarch 8, 1952Cork (civ reg births index: Michael O'Regan, Date of Registration: Jan-Mar 1952, Death Age: 18, district: Cork, v.5, p.64)
6 Elizabeth O'REGAN
Known asLily
BornFebruary 12, 1937Youghal
MarriedJuly 15, 1957Youghal
DiedNovember 24, 1967Cork
7 Christina M. O'REGAN
BornMarch 19, 1939Youghal (civ reg births index: Christina M O'Regan, Mother's Surname: Donoghue, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1939, district: Youghal, v.4, p.517)
DiedDecember 17, 1939Youghal (civ reg deaths index: Christina O'Regan, Date of Registration: Oct-Dec 1939, Death Age: 0, district: Youghal, v.4, p.447)
8 James F. O'REGAN
Known asJimmy
BornApril 6, 1942Youghal (civ reg births index: James F O'Regan, Mother's Surname: Donoghue, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1942, district: Youghal, v.4, p.610)
DiedSeptember 16, 1991(Civ reg deaths index: James O Regan, Year of Death 1991, Group Registration ID 638904, District: Cork, Deceased Age at Death 49, Civil Status Never Married)