John Doyle's Family Pictures - 1800-1939

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Johanna Mangan (March 28, 1890 - July 8, 1934 [aged 44 years]), shown around 1908, approx. age 18. The Mangans had gone from Youghal to New York and Johanna was born in the Bronx. She, and the family, moved to Youghal in 1894. Johanna married Bartholomew Doyle (Nov. 27, 1884 - April 27, 1929) and they had children:

John (Dec. 1912 - Aug. 5, 1939)
Declan (known as Daygee)(1914 - Feb. 1936)
Mary Josephine (1916 - 1920)
Hannah (Oct. 25, 1917 - Sept. 27, 1943)
Margaret (Oct. 14, 1919 - Nov. 19, 2003)
Mary Kate (Aug. 21, 1921 - May? 2003)
James (June 12, 1925 - )


Johanna Doyle (nee Mangan) in 1915 with sons John and Declan.


Johanna and Bartholomew Doyle, with daughter Mary Kate, around 1924.

Johanna around 1926 surrounded by Declan and John, and in the front Mary Kate, James, Hannah and Margaret. Pictured outside home in Penders Lane, Youghal.

Declan lost at sea
In February of 1936, the 'Nellie Fleming' needed a cabin boy to double as cook and two youths applied for the job. Eddie Sullivan and Eddie Norris were both hopeful of starting a seafaring career on the 'Nellie'. Eddie Sullivan got the job and sailed away to Wales with four other crewmen while the other Eddie, very disappointed, stayed home. On the return journey, the Nellie left Lydney laden with coal on a calm evening in that February of 1936. However, as she sailed away from the Bristol Channel, the weather changed. A storm was brewing.
The 'Kathleen and May' was also heading for home at the same time, but unlike the 'Nellie', it was a sailing ship with an auxiliary engine. So the 'Kathleen' decided to drop sail and motor for port and in the small bay of Angle, in Milford Haven, it found shelter. The 'Nellie', with sail only, ran helplessly before the wind and tide. On board were five crewmen, all from the home port: Captain Michael Duggan, married, a very experienced sailor; Batty Glavin, married, who was returning to his daughter's wedding; Dan Kenneally, married, with a large family; Declan Doyle, an eighteen year old, and Eddie Sullivan of Raheen Road on his first voyage. The wind that night was fearful as it built up to record an average of seventy-five miles per hour for the whole of the next three days. It became the worst storm in living memory on the Irish Sea."
From: "Brave Seamen of Youghal" by Mike Hackett.
NOTE: that the statement above that Declan was age 18 in Feb. 1936 is incorrect, Declan was 21 when he died.

John Doyle (brother of Declan who was lost at sea in 1936), is in the back of the picture. John died at sea, being lost overboard on August 5, 1939, from a vessel bound for Australia.

John Doyle of Gallagher Terrace, Youghal, who drowned in 1939.

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