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From left to right, Mikie Ronayne, Bob Webster (unmarried brother-in-law of Jimo.) and Jimo O'Donoghue mending their nets.
This picture was published in "Brave Seamen of Youghal" by Mike Hackett, published in Blarney, Cork in 1995. Connie Donoghue (born 1922?) who supplied much of the earlier information on the Donoghue side, says that he was present when this picture was taken in the mid-30s.

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James (Jimo) O'Donoghue (1875?-1946) was born in Ballycotton. On February 8th, 1891 he married Catherine Webster ( baptised on August 8th, 1871, d. 1957? at age 86). Catherine's parents were John Webster (baptised September 23rd, 1838 C. of I.) who married in a Roman Catholic ceremony on July 16, 1859, Anastasia Slocum (baptised July 23rd, 1842).

Catherine Webster had a brother Jack who served in the Royal Navy from the end of the 19th Century, and was awarded the D.S.M. for Jutland. Jack's son, Dr. Reginald Webster was "Brain of Britain, 1960" on a quiz show. Reginald was a Lieutenant R.N. prewar and served in the R.A.M.C. in WWII. He served with Connie Donoghue (grandson of Catherine Webster and Jimo O'Donoghue) on HMS Impregnable in 1944.

The children of Jimo O'Donoghue and Catherine were:

Jack (1897?-1950?), who was an IRA man 1919/20
   Jack married May Ryan.
George Patrick (1901-1946)
   George married Mary Greenslade (1895-1984),
  their children are given further below.
William (Willie) (1909-1988)
   William married Mary Harley, in London
   James married Nell, in London.
Kate ( - d. 1919?)
   Kate married William O'Brien who was lost on the HMS Laurentic in 1917.
   Bobby married Mary Murphy.
Dinie (? - 1937)
   Dinie married Patrick O'Connell who served in the Connaught Rangers in WWI.
Annie May
   Annie May married Jerry O'Regan an R.S.M in the Munster Fusiliers.
   Lily died when she was quite young.
Tommy (b. 1914? - d. 1942)
   Tommy, the youngest, was building airfields in East Anglia in 1942 when he died.

George Greenslade was the father of Mary, he was born in Exeter, Devon, and died at age 86. George went to Ireland for the Forestry Commission, married Margaret Leahy (who died at age 86) and remained in Ireland. One of the Leahy's became a Monsignor in America.

Mary Greenslade when she was around 20.
Mary Greenslade's siblings were:
George, who emigrated to America as a young man, and had a family there of five children. George was killed crossing a street in New York.
Kit, who married Fred Turner and lived in London.
Paddy who migrated to Canada.

The children of George Patrick O'Donoghue (1901-1946) and Mary (Greenslade) (1895-1984) were:  
Kitty (May 22, 1928 - )
Rita (July 18, 1929 - )
Josephine (May 25, 1931 - )
George (September 7, 1934 - )
Pauline (June 23, 1939 - )

Kitty O'Donoghue, school picture in 1937. Kitty is third from the left in the middle row.

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