Husband James BAMSEY
Born 1798 Thorverton, Devon
BaptisedDecember 9, 1798Thorverton, St. Thomas a Becket (James Bamsey, December 9, 1798, Thorverton, Devon, father, William Bamsey, mother, Ann (see record))
MarriedJuly 1, 1817St Gregory's, Dawlish (church marriage record: James Bamsey and Mary Cole, both of the parish of Dawlish, July 1, 1817, married by banns. James signed and Mary signed by a mark. Witnesses: Mary (Cunn?)ing and James (H?)exton. (see record))
DiedMarch 28, 1872Thorverton (England death index: James Bamsey, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1872, Age at Death: 73, Registration district: Tiverton, Devon, v.5b, p.283) Church burial record: Thorverton, April 3, 1872, age 73 (see record) (His will is indexed in the England Probate Index, 5 June 1872: "The will of James Bamsey late of Thorverton in the County of Devon Market Gardener who died 28 March 1872 at Thorverton was proved at Exeter by James Bamsey of Thorverton Market Gardener the Son the sole Executor." The will was written on February 12, 1872.)
FatherWilliam BAMSEY
Notes 1841 England Census. Living at Dinniford St., Thorverton, Devon. Everyone in the family is given as born in Devon: James Bamsey, 40, an agricultural labourer; Mary Bamsey, 45, Sarah Bamsey, 20; Charlotte Bamsey, 12; George Bamsey, 8; Eliza Bamsey, 15; James Bamsey, 6.
1851 England Census. Living at Dinniford St., Thorverton: James Bamsey, 52, agricultural labourer, born Thorverton, Devon; Mary Bamsey, 58, born Dawlish, Devon; James Bamsey, 15, agricultural labourer, born Thorverton.
1861 England Census. Living at Silver St., Thorverton: James Bamsey, 61, thatcher; Mary Bamsey, 63, James Bamsey, 25, single, market gardener
1871 England Census. Living at Silver St., Thorverton: James Bamsey, 73, thatcher; Mary Bamsey, 79; James Bamsey, 36, single, market gardener.
Note that Mary (Cunn?)ing is a witness at James and Mary's wedding and that in the 1841 Census, living at Lympstone, St Thomas, Devon is a Mary Bamsey (age 45, a lacemaker), a Jane Bamsey (age 20), and a Harriet Bamsey (age 15 mths) living with a Robert Cumming (age 60). Is Robert Cumming a relative of Mary (Cunn?)ing and possibly a relative of James'?
Other possibly related records:
John Bamsey Buried 05 Dec 1792, Register of Clyst St. George, Devon, 1565-1812, Vol 25
George son of John & Mary Bamsey Bap: 10 May 1767, Register of Clyst St. George, Devon, 1565-1812, Vol 25
John Norton, of Woodbury, Devon, and Mary Bamsey, of this Parish, by Banns, 20 Oct 1790. Wit: Wm Westcott, Francis Bamsey, Register of Clyst St. George, Devon, 1565-1812, Vol 25 has an index entry for the copy of a will of a Richard Bamsey (1818) that might be obtainable from the Devon Records Office.
Wife Mary COLE
BornMay 13, 1792Dawlish, Devon
BaptisedJune 3, 1792Mary Cole, Birth date: 13 May 1792, Baptism date: 3 Jun 1792, Denomination: Anglican, Baptism place: Dawlish, St Gregory the Great, Father's first name: John, Mother's first name: Grace, County: Devon (see record).
DiedMay 1874See the headstone of Mary and her husband, James, at St Thomas A Becket Church, Thorverton. Civ Reg Death Index: Mary Bamsey, Registration Year: 1874, Registration Quarter: Apr-Jun, Age at Death: 82, Registration district: Tiverton, Devon, Volume: 5b, Page: 286 *get copy*
FatherJohn COLE
MotherGrace PASSMORE
Notes John Cole married Grace Passmore in Dawlish on Nov. 2, 1791 (see record). Note that a Grace Cole was born to John and Grace Cole on 19 Sep 1795, baptised 4 Oct 1795 at St. Gregory the Great, Dawlish; and Frances Cole was born to John and Grace Cole on 24 Sep 1798, baptised 7 Oct 1798 at St. Gregory the Great, Dawlish.
Possible baptism records for Grace:
Grace Pasmore, July 19, 1762, Anglican, John and Hannah, Tedburn St Mary; Grace Pasmore, November 17, 1771, Anglican, Richard and Joan, Crediton; Grace Passmore, Baptism date: 28 Jun 1772, Denomination: Anglican, Baptism place: Exeter, St Mary Steps, Father's first name: William, Mother's first name: Elizabeth.
Probable baptism record for John: John Cole, Birth date: 7 Apr 1771, Baptism date: 1 May 1771, Denomination: Anglican, Baptism place: Dawlish, St Gregory the Great, Father's first name: John, Mother's first name: Elizabeth.

Probable siblings in John Cole's family (all born to John and Elizabeth Cole in Dawlish, baptised at St. Gregory's):
Elizabeth b. 22 Sep 1766 (bapt. 12 Oct 1766)
Giles b. 12 Jun 1769 (bapt. 2 Jul 1769)
John b. 7 Apr 1771 (bapt. 1 May 1771)
George b. 27 Jan 1773 (bapt. 14 Feb 1773)
Sarah b. 28 Feb 1775 (bapt. 19 Mar 1775)
Anne b. 7 Feb 1777 (bapt. 26 Feb 1777)
William b. 5 Feb 1779 (bapt. 21 Feb 1779)
Nehemiah b. 7 Jun 1781 (bapt. 24 Jun 1781)
Charles b. 4 Mar 1783 (bapt. 23 Mar 1783)
Nicholas b. 17 Nov 1784 (bapt. 12 Dec 1784)

John Cole and Elizabeth Gale married in Dawlish, Marriage date: 17 Feb 1765.
1 Mary Ann BAMSEY
Born1818?Dawlish, Devon
BaptisedJanuary 18, 1818Dawlish, Devon
MarriedApril 4, 1841married Peter DUNKIN
2 Sarah BAMSEY
Born1820?Wiveliscombe, Somerset (birth year is from the 1841 Census. The 1851 Census gives her birth place as Wiveliscombe)
MarriedJuly 10, 1842Exeter (St. Mary Arches Parish record: Sarah Bamsey, servant, and William Way, husbandman, both residing in St. Mary Arches Street, fathers, James Bamsey, husbandman and William Way, husbandman. Note that one of the witnesses was Eliza Bamsey (presumably Sarah's 16 year-old sister))
Notes      1851 Census: at Jericho Street, Thorverton, William Way, 44, agricultural labourer, born in Thorverton; wife, Sarah Way, 31, charwoman, born in Wiveliscombe, Somerset; son James Way, 8; daughter, Eliza Way, 6; son William Way, 3; John Way, 10 mths. All the children were born in Thorverton.
     1861 Census: at Jericho Street, Thorverton, William Way, 54, agricultural labourer; wife, Sarah Way, 42; son, James Way, 18, agricultural labourer; son, John Way, 10, agricultural labourer; daughter, Jane Way, 6; daughter, Elizabeth Way, 3; son, George Way, 7 mths.
     1871 Census: at Jericho Street (east side), Thorverton, William Way, 64, agricultural labourer; wife, Sarah Way, 54, work on the farm; son, William Way, 23, carter agricultural labourer; son, John Way, 20, carter agricultural labourer; daughter, Jane Way, 16; daughter, Elizabeth Way, 13; son, George Way, 10. Note that everyone is listed as born in Thorverton except Sarah who is now shown as born in Teignmouth, Devon
     1881 Census: at Dinneford Street, Thorverton, William Way, 74, agricultural labourer; wife, Sarah Way, 64; daughter, Jane Pye, 26, unemployed servant.
     1891 Census: at Dinneford Street, Thorverton, Sarah Way, 73, born in Teignmouth; grandson, Walter G Pye, 8, born in Thorverton.
     1901 Census: at Silverton Road, Bradninch, Devon, James Pye, 46, farm labourer, born in Silverton, Devon; wife, Jane Pye, 46, born in Thorverton; daughter, Eliza Way Pye, 11, born in Silverton; daughter, Selina Dunsford Pye, 8, born in Silverton; daughter, Mary Ann Pye, 5, born in Silverton; mother-in-law, widow, pauper, Sarah Way, 81, born in Dawlish.
Church burial record: William Way of Dinneford Street age 82 buried December 28, 1888 in the Parish of Thorverton.
3 Frances BAMSEY
Known asFanny
Born1822Wiveliscombe, Somerset
BaptisedFebruary 17, 1822Wiveliscombe, Somerset (The transcription of the Wiveliscombe parish registers, found at has an entry for a baptism of a Frances Bamish in 1822 which must be misreading of Bamsey: BAMISH, Frances, 17 Feb 1822, father: James, mother: Mary, reg. no. 767, labourer (surname suspect))
MarriedChurch marriage record, Parish of Thorverton, Devon: August 25, 1844, William Ellis, labourer, and Fanny Bamsey, both residing at Dinneford Street, Thorverton, parents, William Ellis, labourer, and James Bamsey, thatcher. William and Fanny signed with a mark, the witnesses were James Bamsey and Martin Sanford (see record). Note that Frances Ellis is given two pounds by her father's will of February 12, 1872.
Died1889?Probable death record: Fanny Ellis, Registration Apr-Jun 1889, Registration district: St Thomas, Devon, Volume: 5b, Page: 42
Notes     1851 Census record: Living in Exeter at the civil parish of St Thomas the Apostle: William Ellis, 23, labourer; Fanney Ellis, wife, 29, born Thorverton, Devon; John Ellis, 5, son; William Ellis, 3 mths, son; John Hooper, 23; John German, 23; Elizabeth Ellis, 70, mother; George Ellis, 20, brother.
    1861 Census record: Living in Exeter at the civil parish of St. Edmund, William Ellis, 28; Fanny Ellis, 41, wife; John Ellis, 16, son; William Ellis, 10, son; Mary Ann Ellis, 7, daughter; Thomas Ellis, 5, son; Charles Ellis, 3, son.
    1871 Census record: Living in Exeter at the civil parish of St. Mary Steps, Fanny Ellis, 51, widow; Charles Ellis, 14, son; Bessy Ellis, 4, daughter.
    1881 Census record: Living in Exeter at the civil parish of St. Mary Steps, Fanny Ellis, 62, widow; Thomas Ellis, 22; Charles Ellis, 20; Bessie Ellis, 18.
4 Elizabeth BAMSEY
Known asEliza
Born1824Wiveliscombe, Somerset (1861 Census confirms place of birth)
BaptisedFebruary 22, 1824source is England Births and Christenings database, indexed under "Eliza Ramsay": Eliza Ramsay Gender: Female, Christening Date: 22 Feb 1824, Christening Place: Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Father's Name: James Ramsay, Mother's Name: Mary
MarriedNovember 9, 1845Church record, Parish of Thorverton, Devon, November 9, 1845, William Lucas, husbandman, and Eliza Bamsey, servant, both residing at Dinneford Street, Thorverton, parents, John Lucas, husbandman, and James Bamsey, husbandman. Eliza and William signed with a mark. Witnesses were James Bamsey and Martin Sanford (see record). Note that Eliza Lucas is given two pounds by her father's will of February 12, 1872.
Died1872Church burial on December 21, 1872 in the parish of Thorverton. Eliza is shown as having lived at Raddon, Thorverton, age 49 at death (see record).
Notes     1861 Census: Living at Milfords Lane, Thorverton, Devon, William Lucas, 38, agricultural labourer; Eliza Lucas, 37, wife, Eliza Lucas, 9, daughter; Mary A Lucas, 6, daughter; John Lucas, 3, son; Fanny Lucas, 3, daughter; Ellen Lucas, 1 mth, daughter. William was born in Crediton, Devon, Eliza was born in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, and all the children were born in Thorverton.
    1871 Census: William Lucas, 48; Eliza Lucas, 47, wife; Fanny Lucas, 12, daughter; John Lucas, 11, son; Ellen Lucas, 9, daughter; James Lucas, 6, son; William Lucas, 3, son.
    1881 Census:
        [William Lucas (living with his daughter at Colleton Cottege, Thorverton)]: John Edworthy, 28; Mary A. Edworthy, 26, wife; Eliza Edworthy, 5; Florence Edworthy, 2; William Lucas, 56, father-in-law, widower.
BaptisedFebruary 19, 1826Wiveliscombe, Somerset (source: England Births and Christenings database at, John Bamsey, baptism/christening date: 19 Feb 1826, baptism/christening place: Wiveliscombe, Somerset, father's name: James Bamsey, mother's name: Mary)
DiedIf John did not emigrate to the U.S. (see below), then a possible England death index record is, John Bamsey, Date of Registration: Jan-Mar 1866, Age at Death: 38, Registration district: Exeter, Devon, v.5b, p.87 *get copy*. If John did emigrate to the U.S., then he died 1871. Note that John is not mentioned in his father's will of February 12, 1872.
Notes      1841 England Census: He is 15, a farm servant at the farm of Joseph Carter in Brampford Speke.

Possibly may have emigrated to the U.S. IF SO, then:
     1870 Census: at Richfield, County of Lucas, Ohio, John Bamsey, 44, farmer, born in England; wife, Rosetta Bamsey, 30, keeps home, born in Pennsylvania; son, Geo Bamsey, 14, farming at home; daughter, Adelaide Bamsey, 12; son, Robert Bamsey, 10; daughter, Mary J Bamsey, 7. Children all born in Ohio
     1880 Census: (by the time of the 1880 Census, Rosetta has remarried, so John Bamsey died 1871-1881) family living at Richfield, Lucas, Ohio, Henry Salmon, 56; wife, Rosetta Salmon, 41; stepson, George Bamsey, 25; stepson, Robert Bamsey, 21; stepdaughter, Jenny Bamsey, 18; daughter, Allis Salmon, 22; son, James Salmon, 19; daughter, Della E. Salmon, 16; son, Charles Salmon, 11.
June 1863 Civil War Draft Registration records list John Bamsey, age 35 from Richfield, Ohio, a tanner who was born in England. Ohio County Marriages shows that John Bamsey [incorrectly idexed as "Ramsey"] and Rosetta Ackland married on December 13, 1854 in Lucas, Ohio. Note that she would only have been 15 years old as she is listed [under name, Rosette Acklin] in the October 3, 1850 Census at Springfield, Lucas, Ohio as being age 11 (and her death certificate gives her birth date as Aug. 4, 1839). Interestingly, on the same U.S. Census page as her family is the family of Alfred Bumsey (33) and Rosanna (30) both born in N.Y. whose children are 10, 8, 3 and 2mths. Is there a possibility that Alfred is related to John Bamsey and that he came to Springfield, Ohio, to visit them?
John Bamsey died in 1871 and there is an index record in the Ohio County Marriages database of Rosetta Ackland remarrying, on March 16, 1873, William Elliott, in Lucas Ohio. has a picture of the BAMSEY family burial plot at Wolfinger Cemetery, Sylvania, Lucas County, Ohio:
Grave 1 Robert Bamsey (1860 - Aug 10, 1881)
Grave 2 Infant Son Bamsey
Grave 3 Rosetta Bamsey (1840 - May 22, 1911)
Grave 4 John Bamsey (1826 - May 4, 1871)
The State of Michigan Certificate of Death for Rosetta A. Bamsey (registered June 6, 1911) gives her date of death as May 22, 1911, her date of birth, August 4, 1839, her age as 71, her birthplace Pennsylvania, her parents, Robert Ackland, born in England and Rosetta Adams, born in England.
Family of John and Rosetta's son George is given in the 1890 Census: at Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio, George W. Bamsey, farmer, born October 1855, married for 18 years, his father was born in England; his wife Sarah E. was born June 1862; two children born to them and both living, daughter, Leone B. Bamsey, born Sept 1885 (age 15) in Ohio, and daughter, Enid L. Bamsey, born July 187? (age 10) in Ohio.
George applied for a U.S. passport in November 1886. He gives his birth date as October 15, 1855. He was intending to travel to Great Britain. Passport was issued December 3, 1886.
John and Rosetta's son George W. Bamsey, a farmer, birth date, October 16, 1855 (a widower, his wife Sarah Ella), died August 29, 1932 in Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio, age 76, buried at Ravine Cemetery August 31, 1932.
John and Rosetta's daughter Adelaide L. Hovey (widow of George E. Hovey) died April 20, 1939 in Holland, Lucas, Ohio, age 81 (birth date is given on the record as August 13, 1857)
John and Rosetta's daughter Mary Jane Blackburn (she was a widow) died on August 6, 1932 in Muskegon, Michigan, age 69. Her birth date is given in the record as, November 7, 1862.
6 Charlotte BAMSEY
Born1828Wiveliscombe, Somerset (source: 1871 Census and Parish register)
MarriedJuly 9, 1848married George GREENSLADE
7 George BAMSEY
BornSeptember 23, 1832source: 1914 Ontario death record
BaptisedOctober 7, 1832Thorverton (Parish of Thorverton source: October 7, 1832, George Bamsey son of James, a labourer, and Mary residing in Thorverton.)
Married(1861-1865)? & 1881George's first marriage occurred between 1861 and 1865 to Grace VOSPER (b. 1842 in Cornwall (reg district of Stratton) who migrated with her family to Canada about age 2 and who died November 6, 1878. In the 1861 Census she is 19 and living with her parents William, 59, and Susannah, 54 and 4 brothers. In the 1871 Census William, 71, Susannah, 66, and 3 of her brothers are living in Fullarton, Perth South, Ontario). George's second marriage occurred December 5, 1881, at Port Hope, Durham, Ontario, to Eliza KEELER (b. December 17, 1840 as Eliza LUXTON to Henry and Mary Luxton in Trevalga, Cornwall, married William Keeler, about 1860 in Hope, Durham, Ontario. The 1881 Canada Census shows 3 children: William 19, Sarah 17, Mary 13. William Keeler's parents were Richard and Jane Keeler. Eliza died in Welcome, Durham, Ontario, on July 11, 1910)
DiedJanuary 13, 1914Hope, Durham County, Ontario, Canada (Death record: George Bamsey, Date of death: January 13, 1914, Date of Birth: September 23, 1832, retired farmer, widower, cause of death: senile decay, informant: George E. Bamsey) (see record)
Notes In the 1851 Ontario Census, George is 19 and living in Hope, Durham County, Ontario (see record). Note also that in the same town are living George Bamsey (age 52) and Ann Bamsey (age 51), both born in England, who presumably assisted George with his emigration. What relation are they?
In the 1861 Canada Census, George is 29, from England, a Methodist, living in the same house with Annie Bamsey, 62, from England, a Methodist (see note with 1851 Census entry)
In the 1871 Canada Census, the family is shown as living in Hope, Durham County, George Bamsey, 37; Grace Bamsey, 29; Susannah Bamsey, 6; Ida J Bamsey, 4; James W Bamsey, 2; George E Bamsey, 3 months; Susan Haines, 22, servant (George and Grace were born in England and their children were born in Ontario).
November 6, 1878, Grace Bamsey died (could not read cause of death but the death record said that she had the disease for two years before her death at age 36)
George is not mentioned in the will of his father dated February 12, 1872.
Note that there is a user-contributed family tree for George's family available at
Children of George Bamsey and Grace Vosper are:
[note that children's birth/death year (unless precise) are taken from the user-contributed family tree on and are not yet verified]
    Susannah Bamsey: born 1865; died 1930
    Ida Jane Bamsey: born 1867; married September 30, 1885 in Hope, Durham, Ontario, Ida J Bamsey, 19, and Thomas Mostyn, 25, his parents John Mostyn and Jane Vent
    James William Bamsey: born 1869; married December 23, 1908, in Osaco, Durham, Ontario, James William Bamsey, 40, and Ella May Weatherill, 39, her parents John Weatherill and Hannah Baxter; died 1939.
    George E Bamsey: born 1871; married December 11, 1900 in Hope, Durham, Ontario, George E. Bamsey, 33, and Mary A Nott, 22, her parents John Nott and Alice Symons; died 1920.
    John Thomas Bamsey: born 1872 (source: age at marriage); married: November 9, 1898 in Hamilton, Northumberland, Ontario, John Bamsey, 26, and Laura (born Ellen Louisa) Kinsman, 25, b. in Hamilton, her parents, Richard Kinsman and Grace Heard; died 1963.
    Alberta Grace Bamsey: born 1875; married: June 12, 1907 in Hope, Durham, Ontario, Alberta Grace Bamsey, 33, and Walter Moon, 31, his parents George Moon and Caroline Huntington; died 1941.
    Freddie Bamsey: born: July 28, 1878 in Hope, Durham, Ontario; died 1878.
Children of George Bamsey and Eliza Keeler (born Eliza Luxton (b. 1840, d. 1910)) are:
    Frank Herbert Bamsey: born: December 1, 1883; married: May 10, 1911 in Hope, Durham, Ontario, Frank Herbert Bamsey, 27, and Lottie Evelyn Wade, 21, her parents Thomas Wade and Emma Smith; died 1954.
8 James BAMSEY
Born1835Thorverton, Devon
BaptisedJune 21, 1835Thorverton (Parish of Thorverton source: June 21, 1835, James Bamsey son of James, a labourer, and Mary residing in Thorverton.)
DiedMarch 6, 1885Thorverton (Indexed in the England Probate Index, 17 April 1885: "Administration of the Personal Estate of James Bamsey late of Thorverton in the County of Devon Market Gardener a Bachelor who died 6 March 1885 at Thorverton was granted at Exeter to Mary Ann Dunkin (Wife of Peter Dunkin) of High-street Dawlish in the said County the Sister and one of the Next of Kin." The letter of administration from the court says: On the seventeenth day of April 1885 Letters of Administration of the personal Estate of James Bamsey late of Thorverton in the County of Devon, Market Gardener, deceased who died on the sixth day of March 1885 at Thorverton aforesaid a Bachelor without a parent and intestate were granted by Her Majesty's High Court of Justice in the District Registry attached to the Probate Division thereof at Exeter to Mary Ann Dunkin (wife of Peter Dunkin, Laborer) of High Street, Dawlish in the County of Devon the natural and lawful Sister and one of the the next of kin of the said deceased, she having been sworn duly to administer. Gross personal Estate: 144.7.2 pounds. Sureties: Edward Kidstone, Teignmouth, Boat Owner and John Edworthy, Thorverton, Farmer.)