Husband George Patrick DONOGHUE
Born March 19, 1899  
BaptisedMarch 22, 1899Youghal (see record)
MarriedFebruary 26, 1927Date is from an annotation added to George's baptismal registry entry: "Married in the parish ch by the very Rev Canon O'Donoghue on the 26/2/27". Youghal (and same date in civ reg marriages index: Jan-Mar 1927, district: Youghal, v.4, p.422--Group Registration ID 1136469)
DiedMay 30, 1945Youghal (George Donoghue, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1945, Death Age: 46, district: Youghal, v.4, p.466--Group Registration ID 2554600)
Buried Youghal cemetery
Father James O'DONOGHUE
MotherCatherine WEBSTER
NotesConnie Donoghue reports that he (as a child) and George had a mutual interest in dogs and ferrets. The Headstone says "In Loving Memory of, George Donoghue, O'Briens Tce, Died 30th May 1945, His Wife Mary (Molly), Died 24th Aug 1984" (also in the double plot is George's brother John Donoghue and his family).
Known asMolly
BornNovember 5, 1895Carrigeen, Waterford (5 miles north of Youghal) see record
DiedAugust 24, 1984Youghal (Civ reg deaths index Group Registration ID 18795)
Buried Youghal cemetery
Father George GREENSLADE
MotherMargaret LEAHY
1 Katherine Mary DONOGHUE
Known asKitty
BornMay 22, 1928Youghal, County Cork, Ireland (Civ Reg births index: Katherine Donoghue, Date of Birth 1928, Group Registration ID 4874575, District: Youghal, Mother's Birth Surname: Greenslade)
DiedWednesday, 16th May, 2007Sydney, Australia
BuriedAshes placed in Pacific Ocean at Maroubra Beach on May 22nd, 2007
2 Margaret DONOGHUE
Known asRita
BornJuly 18, 1929Youghal, County Cork, Ireland (Civ reg births index: Margaret Donoghue, Date of Birth 1929, Group Registration ID 4941361, District: Youghal, Mother's Birth Surname Greenslade)
3 Helina Josephine DONOGHUE
Known asJo
BornMay 25, 1931Youghal, County Cork, Ireland (Civ reg births index: Helena O'Donoghue, Date of Birth 1931, Group Registration ID 5364389, District: Youghal, Mother's Birth Surname Greenslade )
DiedMay 23, 2008Northampton, England
4 George P. DONOGHUE
Known asGeorgie
BornSeptember 7, 1933Youghal, County Cork, Ireland (Civ reg births index: George Donoghue, Date of Birth 7 September 1933, Group Registration ID 2229555, District: Youghal, Sex Male, Mother's Birth Surname: Greenslade)
DiedOctober 30, 2010Youghal
NotesGeorgie divorced from Joan in 1980, and married Bridie in March 1980.
5 Pauline DONOGHUE
BornJune 23, 1939Youghal, County Cork, Ireland (Civ reg births index: Pauline Donoghue, Date of Birth 1939, Group Registration ID 5127869, District: Youghal, Mother's Birth Surname Greenslade)