Husband John O'BRIEN
Born August 1888 Youghal (date from death record but probable civ reg births index record: John O'Brien, Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1887, district: Youghal, v.4, p.743)
MarriedJuly 31, 1910Youghal. See record (Marriage record gives the marriage as occurring in the Roman Catholic Church at Youghal, his profession is fisherman, and hers is point lace, his father is John O'Brien a fisherman and her father is James O'Donoghue a fisherman, the witnesses are Robert McGrath and Lillie Donoghue (civ reg marriages index Youghal Jul-Sep 1910))
DiedJanuary 25, 1917lost on H.M.S. Laurentic (see record) (Royal Navy and Royal Marine War Graves Roll, 1914-1919: John O' Brien, Rank: Smn, Birth Date: Aug 1888, Birth Place: Youghal, Branch of Service: Royal Naval Reserve, Cause of Death: Killed or died as a direct result of enemy action, Official Number Port Division: 2438.A. (Dev), Death Date: 25 Jan 1917, Ship or Unit: HMS Laurentic, Location of Grave: Not recorded, Name and Address of Cemetery: Body Not Recovered For Burial, Relatives Notified and Address: Widow: Kate North Cross Lane, Youghal, County Cork)
FatherJohn O'BRIEN
MotherEllen ____
Notes Probable record for John's family in the Irish 1901 Census for Youghal is:
OBrien Ellen 48 Female Head of Family Catholic Church
OBrien Hannah 18 Female Daughter Catholic Church
OBrien John 17 Male Son Catholic Church
OBrien Norah 9 Female Daughter Catholic Church
Wife Catherine DONOGHUE
Known asKate
BornApril 10, 1890Youghal. See record (Birth record shows Catherine born April 10, 1890, at "Meskills Pump" to Catherine Webster (civ reg births index: Catharine Webster, Date of Registration: Apr-Jun 1890, district: Youghal, v.4, p.759))
Died1919?Youghal (Civ reg deaths index: Kate OBrien, Youghal, Jan-Mar 1920, Volume 4, Page 503 *get copy*)
Father James O'DONOGHUE
MotherCatherine WEBSTER
Notes Note that Catherine's birth was prior to the marriage of her parents. She was baptised and her birth was registered as "Catherine Webster".
The civil birth record gives her place of birth as "Meskills Pump" [where is that?]. The baptism record gives her mother's address as Friar Street (perhaps she lived with her parents) and the sponsors were Robert Webster [The mother's brother Robert was only around 12, so this might be the mother's grandfather] and Mary Mulley [Mary would be the mother Catherine's older sister.]. The baptism notes say "CELE: J FIELD CHILD AND MOTHERS PET NAME [KATE]"
The March 31, 1901 Census gives her age as 11.
In July 1910 Kate married John O'BRIEN (b. August 1888). He was lost on H.M.S. Laurentic on January 25, 1917. Their three girls were raised by their Nannie (Catherine Donoghue) after Catherine O'Brien's death.
The April 2, 1911 Census record lists her as born in Co. Cork, age 20, Roman Catholic, could read and write, single, living with her parents at 11 South Cross Lane. In addition, the Census records her with her husband living at house 37 in Windmill Lane (Youghal Urban, Cork)
O Brien John, 24, Male, Head of Family, fisherman, Catholic, cannot read, born in Co. Cork, no children and hadn't yet completed their first year of marriage.
O Brien Kate, 21, Female, Wife, Catholic, can read and write, born in Co. Cork
It may be that Kate was recorded in both locations as the date of the Census was just two days before the birth of her first child and she may temporarily have been staying with her mother.
1 Eileen O'BRIEN
Known asEily
BornApril 4, 1911Youghal (Ellen O Brien, Date of Birth 4 April 1911, Group Registration ID 1034619, District: Youghal, Sex Female, Mother's Birth Surname DONOGHUE)
Married1938Bromley, Kent (Eileen O'Brien and Ronald H. Clark, Marriage Index Jul-Sep 1938, v.2a p.2694)
BuriedBromley, Kent
NotesEily married Ronald H. CLARK
2 Anastatia O'BRIEN
Known asAckie
BornApril 12, 1912Youghal. See record
Married1938Bromley, Kent (Marriage Index Jul-Sep 1938, v.2a p.2694)
Died1982Bromley, Kent
BuriedBromley, Kent
NotesAckie married William T. JOHNSON. Ackie and her sister Eily married their husbands in a double wedding ceremony in Bromley, Kent, 1938.
3 Mary Kathleen O'BRIEN
Known asKitty
BornAugust 6, 1914Youghal. See record
Married1938Bromley, Kent (Marriage Index Jul-Sep 1938, v.2a p.2650)
BuriedBromley, Kent
NotesKitty married Percy W. IRONS