John Doyle's Family Pictures - 1950s

Baby John and mother Kitty in the summer of 1951 in Youghal.

John with mother Kitty and her sister-in-law Mary Kate in the summer of 1951.

Margaret Doyle, October 8, 1951, a week before her 32nd birthday.

John at 14 months of age, May 1952.

People who lived on St. John's Rd., Walthamstow (June 1953, Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II). Kitty Doyle in front (the pretty one), Mrs Wise (opposite side of the table from Kitty) lived next door to Hannah's (where Kitty and Jim lived) and baby-sat for John (later looked after John when Kitty was in the hospital giving birth to Brian).

Kitty and Jim.

Jim and Kitty in front of the Walthamstow town hall.

John and Brian, just before leaving Hannah's for Jim and Kitty's first house at 27 Crossfield Rd., Tottenham, Middlesex.

Brian and John in the garden at Crossfield Rd.

Brian in Jim's arms, and John at Crossfield Rd.

Brian and John at the front gate of 27 Crossfield Rd.

Margaret with Brian in the stroller, and John.

George Donoghue (brother of Kitty, Rita, Josephine and Pauline).

Jim, with Brian and John in the park.

Brian in school blazer, and John.

Jim Doyle (on the right) at his workplace, Radburn's Dairy, Walthamstow.

Catherine (Kitty's grandmother), with Kathleen (daughter of Catherine's daughter Annnie May) and Malachy O'Connell, 1956.
John's first communion group picture. John is third from the left at the back.

John showing off his first communion medal.

Kitty with Brian and John in the back garden of Crossfield Rd., at the time of John's first communion.

Kitty, looking glamorous, showing her legs. Pictured in Youghal.

Jim, with John and Brian, on holidays in Youghal, laughing at Kitty who is having trouble with the camera.

Jim's sister Mary Kate, with children, Tony (on the left), Josephine and Mary. Brian is in the stroller and John behind him.

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